I have been a writer, journalist and editor for over forty years specialising in all aspects of drug use and addiction and also popular music – rock, jazz and blues. I have  an extensive portfolio of books and articles – from popular biography and books for young people through to peer-reviewed academic journal articles. I am also the Director of DrugWise, an online drug information service, and active in the world of tobacco harm reduction through the Global Forum on Nicotine.

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  1. Mr Shapiro, I am writing an autobiography and was reading your “Electric Gypsy” book and I need your help…. I play bass in a band called Mothers Finest, from the 70’s era, influenced by Hendrix, Sly, Zeppilen etc. but mostly African American…. I’ve done other signature things in my career and my early life is interesting, with my father coming from the Seminole tribe… would love to talk….. wyz@wyzard.net
    best regards


  2. Ronald Soll

    Mr Shapiro, I´d just finished reading the Biography about Alexis Korner. You´ve made a great job. Thank you. Most interesting was the Chapter about Alexis` time on Pinchden School. Never heard before.

    With best regards

    Ronald Soll