Gary Moore – the official biography
Published in September by Jawbone

Gary Moore

Addiction Lives: Harry Shapiro
Click here to read my interview with the journal Addiction. 

My latest book: Fierce Chemistry: A History of UK Drug Wars was published in May 2021.

The current project is a biography of the Louisiana blues guitarist, John Campbell

Articles on rock’s backpages:

Eric Clapton: The Odyssey: The Making Of Eric Clapton 
Retrospective and Interview by Harry Shapiro, MOJO, March 1994
Of all the legends of the land of Greece, few are as epic and ill-starred as the tale of Eric Clapton, his five mates and a dodgy motor called the Glandsmobile…

Patto: This Wonderful Life
Harry ShapiroMOJO, September 2001
Four friends, one a guitar genius, some art-blues loonery — life was good for ’70s underdogs Patto. Then came illness, car wrecks and squalor. Harry Shapiro unfolds Britain’s great rock tragedy.

When Acid Reigned
Harry ShapiroMOJO, Summer 2007
Hippies tripped, tabloids raged and police cheered as Engelbert Humperdinck’s Jan ’67 hit, ‘Release Me’ became the real theme tune for the Summer of Love.


12 responses to “Latest

  1. Can’t wait for the release of the biography of Gary!
    Philippe Poustis


  2. Keith

    Looking forward to your book on Gary Moore. When is the release date? I’d really love to see his “Wild Frontier Live in Sweden 1987” released on DVD + cd.

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  3. Paul Mossop

    When will the book be out? How do fans get a copy? Sweden, 1987 was an outstanding performance. Had the video tape, played it till I killed it. Dvd? Have also heard loner live on utube, small venue when Mr Moore toured the U.S.A. Boston I think, The song went for some 20 plus min. An absolute cracker. Sheer genius, but then again, we all know how creative and gifted the man was. Would be great to hear this on DVD. Thanks from an Aussie, 30 plus year fan.


  4. It has taken longer than planned to arrange a deal for the book. There is progress, but probably wont now appear until next year.


  5. Keith

    Thanks for the update & please continue to keep us posted. Hope it all goes smoothly.


  6. Rachele

    Greetings from Canada Mr. Shapiro…do you have an update on the Gary Moore biography? I’m hoping you have good news and will tell us a deal has been finalized, and publication is imminent! Cheers, all the best.


  7. Damiano Pieroni

    Hi Harry,
    getting bored of waiting, and asking, and I’m sure you are bored of having to answer, but what is going on with the Gary biography? It’s already 6 years since he passed, and a couple, I believe, since you finished the book, but still no publishing deal?? Worst case scenario, if you fail to secure one will you release it under “your own steam”…via Amazon/digital format etc? It would be criminal if the millions of fans out there didn’t get to read the book, and of course would be a waste of your time and considerable talent! Do we need a petition or something??


  8. Harry

    Yes. I share your frustration but all the indications are now that there will be positive news very shortly.


  9. Mr D Pieroni

    Great news. I’m sure it will be worth the wait, and hopefully for your good self, will sell bucket loads. There are a lot of eager fans out there, and of course, as always happens unfortunately, many more since the great man died.


  10. kizzywizzy

    Hi Harry, I am really looking forward to Gary Moore’s Biography. Will it be possible to purchase it separately from the box set, as that is a very expensive deal. There are millions of fans of Gary Moore just waiting for this book.

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  11. Kevin Kamphaus

    Can’t wait for the book release!!


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